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In The Hospital for 135 Days – Michael’s Story

Admitted suddenly to Mt. Sinai’s ICU with Guillain-Barré syndrome – a very rare and serious condition – Michael Ring began to fear for his life. He was hospitalized for 135 days, nearly four and a half months.

While still in the ICU, Michael began receiving calls from the hospital’s billing department. The bills totaled $1.5 million dollars.

After negotiating with insurance and Mt. Sinai, the bills were reduced to $20,000. The amount depleted Michael’s family’s savings, which he planned to use for his two young daughters’ college and his retirement. He is unable to work, and living off of social security disability.

“Rare terrible things happen, that’s why we have insurance. […] But I could have a relapse, and I don’t know what insurance will cover at this point.”

To learn more about the campaign to end medical debt and its long-term consequences, visit cssny.org/EndMedicalDebt. Have a story to share about your health care experience? Contact us at wethepatients@cssny.org.

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