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A Retired Nurse’s Mounting Medical Bills — Pablo’s Story

After working 23 years as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, Pablo Moncada is well-versed in New York’s health system. Still, he struggles to pay bill after bill for medical care for his potential prostate cancer.

Now retired, Pablo’s only income comes from social security. He lives on a very limited budget, forcing him to make difficult choices about how to spend it.

“You tell me to pay $260, $270 per month? How will I pay my rent, how will I live? […] I can’t make another appointment because that’s another bill.”

The mounting medical bills have also slashed his credit, impacting his ability to secure a loan or apply for a new job.

“I have no more income. Because, credit? Forget about it. Mine is down.”

To learn more about the campaign to keep medical debt out of credit reports, read Health Care For All New York’s policy agenda. Have a story to share about your health care experience? Contact us at wethepatients@cssny.org.

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