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#EpicenterExperience: Being a Doer During Covid-19 in NYC

Welcome to the fourth installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is a video series where consumers like you tell us exactly what it has been like living in New York during the outbreak of COVID-19. How the pandemic impacted you financially, emotionally, or physically. How you coped with quarantine and social distancing. The list goes on! Now join us in watching Aysha Omer’s story below.

Aysha Omer shares her experience and how she’s getting through the pandemic.

Aysha’s friends always called her a doer. But once she began working from home in mid-March, she found her new schedule a big adjustment. The changes were unsettling at first, but she adapted and has made it her mission to help New Yorkers get access to health insurance during this uncertain time. Every day has been different, but she’s approached each one as a new adventure.

Aysha is an inspiration in these times! Watch her video below for the full story!

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