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#EpicenterExperience: Working from Home with Kids

Welcome to the third installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is our newly launched video series where consumers like you tell us exactly what it has been like living in New York these last few months during the outbreak of COVID-19. How has the pandemic impacted you financially, emotionally, or physically? How do you cope with quarantine and social distancing? What would you like to change? The list goes on! Now join us in watching Leon McIntosh’s story below.

Leon McIntosh shares his experience and how he’s getting through the pandemic.

When the pandemic started, Leon’s world was turned upside-down. A dad and an advocate for the uninsured, Leon was already busy. Working from home and helping his kids attend Zoom school was a huge shift. Despite the short notice, Leon has found silver linings in quarantine. Since he now works from home, he’s been able to spend much more time with his family. While it has still been a challenge, Leon’s glad to keep moving forward and to overcome the challenge of quarantine. Balancing family life and work is always important, and Leon found a great way to do it!

Want to hear more straight from Leon? Watch his video below for the full story!

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