We the Patients

#WeTheImmigrants: International Students Need Affordable Health Care

Welcome to the second episode of #WeTheImmigrants!

We The Immigrants is a video series where immigrants share their experiences with health care in the US. We’ve gathered videos from immigrants across New York to discuss their stories about affordability, accessibility, and more. Watch June’s story below!

June shares her experience as an international student receiving care in NYC.

As a young immigrant, June recalls having a mostly positive healthcare experience. When she came to the US as an international college student, her sister was luckily able to help her find coverage at Mount Sinai. She continued to receive free care from their adolescent health center through college.

Now that she works full-time, she receives coverage from her employer. She takes care to note that as someone who is employed and speaks fluent English, she has remained very fortunate throughout her immigrant experience.

As she expresses, “It makes us really think about access, and how we [can] deliver this information to the people that need it the most, besides just [through] word of mouth.”

Watch her full story here: