We the Patients

Deeply in debt by the age of 24 – Maia Rosenberg, NYC

Maia shares her story as a patient in New York.

Although Maia was on track to become a professional dancer, her asthma prevented her from continuing. Instead, she has had a total of six hospital stays since January. She has good insurance, and yet she has received countless hospital bills, including $2000 bill from a collection agency.

Now deeply in debt, Maia still has to sort through confusing hospital bills: “It’s practically a full-time job just to keep track of these bills because the hospital system doesn’t do a good job of keeping them all in one place.”

She later contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized for over a week. Months later, she is still recovering, and her condition could affect her ability to work.

“I need the New York Health Act so that I can afford to be sick.”

Only 24 years old, Maia is starting out her adult life with more debt than she can manage. Her solution? The New York Health Act.

Watch her full story below. To learn more, check out our article explaining the New York Health Act.