We the Patients

#EpicenterExperience: Moving Towards Healthcare Reform After COVID-19

Welcome to the tenth installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is a video series where consumers like you share exactly what it’s like living in NYC during quarantine. We’ve gathered personal stories about how New Yorkers were impacted financially, emotionally, or physically by COVID-19. Watch Emily’s story below!

Emily talks about the need for healthcare reform in NYC.

Having worked in healthcare advocacy for 12 years, Emily has learned so much about access to treatment. Income, immigration status, or access to providers can all impact whether you can receive healthcare. And recently, these issues have grown clearer than ever. In her words, “What the pandemic has done is put a microscope on top of these issues.”

She takes a positive outlook on the future and hopes that we can come out of the pandemic stronger than before. With more awareness of these issues, we can focus on improving our healthcare system so that everyone can receive the healthcare they deserve.

Emily leaves us with a powerful message: “Regardless of their age, their income, their employment status, their immigration status—none of that should matter, and everyone should have access to health care.”

Watch the video below for her full story!