We the Patients

#EpicenterExperience: Staying Positive as a Patient During Quarantine

Welcome to the eighth installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is a video series where consumers like you share exactly what it’s like living in NYC during quarantine. We’ve gathered personal stories about how New Yorkers were impacted financially, emotionally, or physically by COVID-19. Watch Aeisha Reese’s story below!

Aeisha shares her experience and how she’s getting through the pandemic.

As an intestinal transplant recipient, Aeisha has spent the last year recovering from her surgery. She’s taken this time to reflect on herself and treats it as “a time of rest, a pause.” With her positive attitude, she’s been able to see her recovery period as a blessing.

While quarantine is new to so many of us, this is something very familiar to Aeisha. During recovery, she has been taking immunosuppressants to help her body adjust to the transplant. Although she has already grown used to wearing a mask and disinfecting her belongings throughout her recovery, she has to remain even more careful during the pandemic.

She leaves us with a few key words of wisdom, reminding us to practice gratitude during quarantine. As Aeisha says, “Take everything in moderation, day by day—it’s worth because you’re worth it.” Watch the video below for her full story!