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#EpicenterExperience: Bushwick, Before and After

Welcome to the sixth installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is a video series where consumers like you tell us exactly what it has been like living in New York during the outbreak of COVID-19. How the pandemic impacted you financially, emotionally, or physically. How you coped with quarantine and social distancing. The list goes on! Now join us in watching Jen’s story below.

Jen shares her experience and how she’s getting through the pandemic.

Jen lives two blocks from Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick. She walks her dog every day, and her route passes the medical center. She started noticing scary changes a week into lockdown, there was a refrigerator truck parked by the hospital. Later, the hospital added even more capacity to their morgue. After a few months passed, she saw even more changes. However, these were positive: She saw outdoor dining, people wearing masks, and people staying 6 feet apart.

A lot changed in Bushwick, but Jen is hopeful for the future! Watch her video below for the full story!

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