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#EpicenterExperience: Being Your Own Advocate During Covid-19 in NYC

Welcome to the fifth installment of our #epicenterexperience series!

Epicenter Experience is a video series where consumers like you tell us exactly what it has been like living in New York during the outbreak of COVID-19. How the pandemic impacted you financially, emotionally, or physically. How you coped with quarantine and social distancing. The list goes on! Now join us in watching Amanda Ocasio’s story below.

Amanda shares her experience and how she’s getting through the pandemic.

Amanda had been in and out of hospitals her whole life. Her mother told her early that she was her own best advocate. Once her partner tested positive for COVID, she had to go into a 28-day quarantine. Amanda struggled to get a COVID antibody test even after she exhibited symptoms. Despite her numerous calls to her provider and the Department of Health, her questions went unanswered or she received many contradicting answers. Despite the difficult start, however, Amanda was able to make a full recovery. Thanks to her friends, who picked up her medications and left care packages, she and her partner were able to get through quarantine. Her determination to get answers helped her advocate for the care she needed.

Amanda’s mom was right: You are your own best advocate. It’s a great lesson for us all to learn! Watch her video below for the full story.

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