We the Patients

Join us! We The Patients Speaks at Crain’s Health Care Summit

Join us on Friday, May 17 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. as We the Patients and Community Service Society of New York‘s own Elisabeth Benjamin, VP of Health Initiatives opens up the discussion at this year’s Crain’s Health Care Summit: Empowering Patients—How New York Can Build a Patient-Centered Health System. Benjamin will set the stage providing a landscape of the current state of health care affordability in New York exploring the results of a recent survey by Altarum Health Value Hub and co-released by the Community Service Society.

Next Benjamin will discuss the future of health care and how we must empower patients and put their wants, concerns, struggles, and ideas at the forefront of change. Enlisting We The Patients as an answer to creating a patient-centric health system and giving patients the ability to choose high value care.

“Patients’ responsibility for their own health costs has risen dramatically in the past decade, and the tools that would allow them to seek low-cost, high-quality care haven’t kept pace.” Our tool’s need to catch-up to the rising cost of care. We The Patients is that tool, a network to mobilize and activate patient advocates and share their stories to create health policy change in NYC.

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