We the Patients

We The Patients Launches with Affordability Crisis Panel!

We The Patients is a new consumer-led empowerment project focused on patients leading the charge to advocate for a better health system.


We The Patients is a grassroots movement to amplify YOUR voice. You can create real health policy change in New York! We want to hear your dissatisfaction and anger! We want to meet you where you are at. Creating a safe space to share your story on how our health system failed you, to sign petitions to show key legislators the sheer number of people who are fed up with our current system. To become a patient advocate, to be trained in-person on grassroots organizing to go to Albany to lead the policy change you want to see.

We The Patients is focusing on unfair medical billing practices and better dental coverage as our first campaigns. These are areas, we have seen real patient concern and areas where we think we can win, when it comes to policy change. We are led by you, and want you to steer our next campaigns. So tell us, what is your dream campaign? Maybe prescription drug pricing or patient safety are issues that resonate with you more– let’s run with this!

This is a project of Community Service Society of New York and is based around the ideologies of Elisabeth Rosenthal’s An American Sickness. We are excited to harness the energy key leaders like Rosenthal or Sarah Kliff have started with their amazing reporting. We The Patients is taking it one step further, empowering the patient to not only tell their story but to be the person helping lead policy change in New York.

The conversation starts on our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and in-person at CSSNY’s Affordability Panel on 4/29.