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Make Your Voice Heard This Election: Make a Plan to Vote!

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a big election coming up!

This year, New Yorkers will vote for more than just a President. In fact, depending on where you live, you could be voting on more than half a dozen positions! Your Representatives, your State Senators, your State Assembly Members — all of them are up for a vote! Judicial positions are on the ballot too! New York has low voter turnout, too — your vote can mean a lot! In 2018, less than half of all eligible New Yorkers voted. Even in 2016, a year with higher turnout, just over 57% of all New Yorkers voted!

The stakes are high this year, and every year. Access to healthcare will be hugely impacted by the next President, and they’ll be responsible for bringing life back towards normal after Covid. The President isn’t the only person who matters, however. State officials have a huge role to play too! Voting for President and for federal legislators is important, but even here in New York, we can do better regardless of who sits in the White House.

The best way you can impact our healthcare system and Covid recovery? Vote! There’s a range of ways you can participate in this election in New York, and you should pick what you feel safest doing. Voting absentee, or mail-in voting, is a safe and reliable way to cast your ballot! You can apply to vote absentee here through October 27th. If you’re comfortable with voting in person, you can look up where to cast your vote here! If you’re interested in being a pollworker and helping people vote, check out this information!

The most important thing to do: Vote for people at every level–federal, state, county, and city!– who will represent your views! Happy, and Covid-safe, voting!