We the Patients

Complete the 2020 Census!

It’s time for the 2020 Census! There’s a lot of questions about what the Census is for and what it does. We have some answers!

Why answer it?

Because it does a lot! The census decides how Congressional seats are divided up, how schools are funded, if you get extra money for roads, where housing assistance goes, and so much more! The census does more than just capture how many people live in New York– it impacts our quality of life!

Got it. Is my information safe?

Your information is safe with the Census Bureau. Your personally identifying information isn’t released until 72 years have passed — it’s the law! Additionally, the Census Bureau doesn’t share your information with agencies like ICE — immigrant New Yorkers, regardless of their status, can and should answer the census.

Ok, but what happens if we don’t answer the Census?

Great question! In 2010, New York City had a pretty low response rate. As a result, New York lost two House seats– meaning we had less voice in Congress– and missed out on billions in funding for vital projects. Wondering why the MTA is so underfunded, or why your neighborhood school doesn’t have enough money for repairs? A big reason for that is the census response rate.

So where can I fill it out?

Your best question yet. Fill out the Census today at my2020census.gov — it’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll be doing New York a favor.