We the Patients

In The Media: We The Patients on Bronxtalk!

Did you catch us on Bronxtalk last week?

If you didn’t, have no fear! Watch our episode below:

Our host Gary Axelbank sat down with myself and Judy Sheridan-González, President of the NY State Nurses Association where we discussed healthcare and policy reform.

The conversation quickly heated-up when we discussed patient experiences, particularly the challenges Bronx residents face. We proposed state-wide policy solutions, including The Patient Medical Debt Protection Act (S6757/A08639) and Community Service Society of New York’s End Medical Debt campaign. The campaign allowed consumers to take immediate action and tell their legislators their own experiences with the health care system. Sheridan-González spoke in support of the Campaign for The New York Health Act.

We don’t want to spoil all the fun. Watch our Bronxtalk episode to hear all about patient experience and possible state-wide solutions starting in the Bronx.