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Stop Surprise Bills

New York was the first state in the nation to pass a law that protects patients from Surprise Medical Bills. Our landmark law is working, but we need to fix some loopholes! Right now, the law protects you when you go to a hospital that is in your health insurance plan’s network (“in-network”) for surgery, but you get billed for an anesthesiologist or other doctor who is out-of-network with a high price tag. But the law doesn’t protect you from an out-of-network hospital emergency visit or ambulance ride. It also doesn’t protect you when your health plan or doctor incorrectly tells you that they are in-network. In those cases, patients are left holding the bag, getting billed sky-high prices.

We the Patients demand to be held harmless for ALL surprise bills.


  • Inaccurate provider directories lead patients to schedule care with out-of-network doctors without knowing that they are going out-of-network and their bill won’t be covered.
  • You should have the right to dispute charges that come from the hospital, not just from the doctor who treated you.

Solution: We need to play catch up and follow the lead of states that are getting it right, like California, Texas, and Florida. Patients should not be held accountable for any surprise bill.

How exactly will we do this?

  • Don’t put patients in the middle. Bill disputes should be solely between hospitals and insurance companies for out-of-network hospital bills. Rather than sending bills to patients, these bills should go to “baseball” arbitration under the Surprise Bill law.
  • Hold patients harmless for bills when they rely on health plan directories and providers who incorrectly tell them they are in-network. Health plans and providers must give patients accurate information. It is our health care!

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