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No Facility Fees

You may go to the same doctor every year – but suddenly the doctor’s bill comes with a new fee. Nothing has changed except that a hospital system has bought your doctor’s practice and now can tack on a bunch of new fees, including a “facility fee.”

A “facility fee” is a legal but meaningless charge that supports the overhead of the hospital or ambulatory care facility. Facility fees are billed on top of your hospital or doctors’ bill. A facility fee is not a health care service—it is just a fee based on the location of the service you received.

We the Patients demand the abolition of all facility fees.


  • Patients should only be charged for medical care, not vague overhead fees.
  • Often insurance will not pay facility fees, leaving patients stuck with this bill.
  • Uninsured patients are always stuck with the “facility fee” bill.

Solution: Prohibit hospitals and other free-standing medical facilities from charging unspecified facility fees in New York.

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