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Better Dental

You deserve better dental coverage. Dental coverage should be standardized: waiting periods should be eliminated, pre-existing conditions should not keep you from care, and more of the money you spend on dental coverage should go to the care you receive. In New York, only about 50 cents of every dollar you spend on monthly dental insurance premiums goes to paying for dental care; the rest goes to administrative costs for the insurance company.

We The Patients demand better, standardized dental plans that do not inhibit access to care.


  • Dental plans have waiting periods for procedures you need NOW.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition, you may have to wait long periods to be covered and you may never receive coverage at all for that condition.
  • More of your dollar should go to the care you receive. Your health insurance is required to pay 80 cents of every dollar you pay in premiums towards your care. Why is dental insurance any different?

Solution: End unfair dental practices. We The Patients call for standardized dental plans, with no waiting periods or pre-existing conditions and lower administrative costs.

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