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Albany Action

We know health care consumers are fed up with the current system of aggressive debt collection, hidden fees, high interest rates, and overly complex financial assistance policies. The fear of

One Visit, One Bill

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Ever been to the hospital, only to be bombarded with multiple convoluted bills when you get home? Why can’t the hospital issue one bill per visit?

Stop Surprise Bills

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New York was the first state to pass a law that protects patients from Surprise Medical Bills. Our law is working, but we need to fix its loopholes!

No Facility Fees

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Facility fees are not a real medical service. Why should a patient have to pay for one?

Better Dental

Better Dental button art

Dental coverage should be standardized: waiting periods eliminated, pre-existing conditions should not keep you from care, and more of the money you spend on dental should go to the care you receive.