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Organizing 2.0: Notes and Takeaways

Organizing 2.0

Last week, we presented at the annual Organizing 2.0 Conference on “How to Make and Edit Video: From TikTok to Crowdsourcing!” It was a wonderful experience, and we wanted to

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What’s up with ACA subsidies?

A person is green-screened in front of the Capitol building in DC

When the American Rescue Plan was passed, it included a lot of policies. But there’s one big one that could impact your health: premium subsidies. The Affordable Care Act included

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Health Advocacy Academy with Speaker Corey Johnson

healthcare advocacy corey johnson

Recently, We The Patients partnered with Say Ah! and Speaker Corey Johnson to host a Health Advocacy Academy workshop promoting civic engagement in the health care system. We covered a

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50 Days of Health Care Change

A person green-screened in front of the White House, with a Biden sign on the front lawn.

It’s been a bit longer than 50 days since Joe Biden became President. How’s he changed health care? And how has he held up against his campaign promises? Let’s take

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Everything You Need to Know About Covid Vaccines in New York

Now that vaccines are becoming more available, it could be your turn to receive the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. If you have questions about getting your vaccine

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Join Our Social Media Working Group!

Join our Social Media Work Group

Join our social media working group! Are you interested in learning more about digital media? Do you have knowledge or experience you’d like to share? Join our social media working

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How has Biden’s Plan Changed?

Biden health care

Joe Biden, our newly elected President, is faced with many crises. One of the most pressing issues is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with this public health emergency will shape

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Who is Xavier Becerra?

Xavier Becerra

It’s official—President Biden has announced Xavier Becerra as his choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. But who is Xavier Becerra, and what has he done in the past?

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What’s Up With the State Senate?

What's up with the senate?

The votes have been counted, and the result is clear: New York’s state senate has a large Democratic majority. While the Democrats have technically had a majority since 2009, there